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This compelling historical novel imagines what would have happened if Ernest Hemingway had a daughter. Follow Finn Hemingway as she navigates the tumultuous 1940s in the shadow of her legendary father in this sweeping read!

Finn Hemingway, fictional daughter of Ernest and Hadley Hemingway, knows for a fact that she’s been born at the wrong time into the wrong family with the wrong talents, making her three dreams for the future almost impossible to attain. She burns to be a trial lawyer in an era when RBG is being told to type and when a man who is 500th in his law school class is hired over a woman who is first in hers. She yearns to find true love when the family curse dictates that love always ends for the Hemingways and usually it ends badly. And finally, she’d give up the first two dreams if she were able to snag the third. She longs to have an impact on the only thing that matters to her father: his writing. To accomplish that would require a miracle. All three dreams are almost impossible, but it’s the “almost” that keeps Finn going.

 Hemingway had three sons but ached for a daughter. This is her story.



Christine M. Whitehead’s recently released novel, “Hemingway’s Daughter,” is a combined effort of brilliant creativity and deep, accurate history that tells the story of Finn Hemingway, a fictional daughter of the legendary author Ernest Hemingway.

Through twists and turns, Finn must overcome obstacles, discover her own path, and contend with the shadow of her decorated, cantankerous father. Readers will root for her triumph every step of the way.

Attorney Quinn Jones is in over her head. Her husband, Jordan Chang, Annapolis grad and superstar businessman, has been found dead outside their Greenwich Village brownstone. He’s wearing clothes that aren’t his, and was last seen at a place he never went while consorting with people he shouldn’t—and he’s vastly richer than he ought to be. Since NYPD has labeled Jordan’s death a suicide, Quinn is on her own to uncover the truth. Courtrooms, Quinn knows. Chanel No. 5, horses, frizzy hair, and martial arts, she knows. Murder, she doesn’t know but she’s learning fast in order to stay alive. With a few clues to work with, including a photo of Jordan with a stunning unknown Asian woman and a copy of a 1986 check payable to Jordan for twelve million dollars, Quinn stalks the back streets of Chinatown, haunted by the need to know what happened that day and why.

Archer Loh seems to have the world on a string. A magna cum laude graduate of Smith College, a law degree from Columbia, a great husband, a wonderful daughter, and a slot on the U.S. Equestrian Team all make it possible for Archer to almost forget her mysterious past, her violent history. All is almost perfect–on the surface. But nothing stays at equipoise forever. When Archer’s daughter, Annie, is murdered, her own life shatters and deadly skills, long dormant, become highly relevant again. As Archer embarks on her own path to salvation, she snips all ties with the past. Love and connection are now extravagances she can no longer afford. At her darkest ebb, Connor McCall, Harvard-educated financial baron turned Wyoming sheep rancher, stumbles into Archer’s life with his own demons and presses her to start reconnecting the dots. In Tell Me When It Hurts, memories can sustain or sink you, all in the same night and all the same memories.

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