I get my best ideas in the barn as I groom my horse, Nifty. The dogs keep a careful distance as I lift a hoof and scrape it out, then move on to the next one. The repetition soothes me. I begin to dream of women like me: restless women on the edge, women who want to trust that love can last forever, and that being sentimental sometimes is not contemptible, and that good men are not so hard to find if you keep slogging along, seeking a melody to fit your words. So that’s who and what I write about: restless women searching.  Please slog along with us.  Love, Christine  

News! Book 2 The  Rage of Plum Blossoms was selected by Kindle Scout and was published on Sept 27.   Thanks to all readers! Much gratitude. Love, Christine

Perfection is tricky, especially when it’s not real—and it never is.

Archer Loh seems to have the world on a string. A magna cum laude graduate of Smith College, with a law degree from Columbia, Archer has a great husband, a wonderful daughter, and a fulfilling career. Add to that a slot on the U.S. Equestrian Team and Archer can almost forget her mysterious past, her violent history. Almost perfect.

But nothing stays at equipoise forever. Life jigs or it jags; it dips or it soars. When Archer’s daughter, Annie, is murdered, her life shatters and deadly skills, long dormant, emerge as highly relevant. As Archer embarks on her own path to salvation, she snips all ties with the past. Love is now an extravagance, no longer affordable for her.

At her darkest ebb, Connor McCall, Harvard-educated financial baron turned Wyoming rancher, stumbles into Archer’s life and presses her to start reconnecting the dots. It’s an edgy blend of La Femme Nikita, The Horse Whisperer, and something else.

In Tell Me When It Hurts, memories can sustain or sink you, all in the same night and all the same memories.

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Ever Restless

Ever Restless