What’s Ahead

  1. My new novel called Hemingway’s Daughter is in final edits. I hope it will come out in 2019. My agent is working on that.The Concept: Finn Hemingway, fictional daughter of Ernest and Hadley Hemingway, blessed and cursed by her father’s fame, struggles to find love, her own identity, and the real man behind the myth and the booze.In this reimagining, Hemingway has the daughter he’s always wanted, but she’s not thrilled with her lot in life. Zelda Fitzgerald has assured her she’s not pretty; her father is 100% reliable—sometimes; and she’s the only daughter of a man who is the property of the world and who calls every woman within a bottle’s reach “daughter” so Finn doesn’t even have that to call her own. To add to her misery, she’s inconveniently fallen in love with her boarding school tormentor’s boyfriend, and later, after college, she’s hell-bent on becoming a topnotch litigator, only to learn that women in 1950 are barely welcome to practice law, much less litigate. And as her father becomes more icon than writer, Finn must come to terms with his drunken rages, his tender wisdom, his divorces followed by more marriages, and her place in his priorities. Too late, she learns the truth about what really matters to him—and to her.From the isolated world of her all-girls prep school to the lush Cuban home where her father writes, from the wide-open vistas of Idaho to the offices of one of Manhattan’s most prestigious law firms, Hemingway’s Daughter is a tale of yearning and heartbreak, of fathers and daughters, of Hemingway as he might have been with a daughter to soften the edges.
  2. I was on the CT Author’s Trail this summer which ends in a great celebration at Mohegan Sun, Norwich, CT in September.
  3. I’ve been speaking this winter and spring at many libraries and to some of the mystery book clubs around the state. I was just on Ivoryton, CT’s local radio station, WCRV talking about writing and my books. Major thank you to Windsor Locks, Simsbury, Waterford, Moosup, Pomfret, Madison, Laurie Conrod’s California Book Club! Great fun at all places and wonderful readers. Thank you!
  4. I am working on a sequel to The Rage of Plum Blossoms with a working title of A Little Bitter Going Down. I put it aside to finish edits on Hemingway’s Daughter.

And let me know what you would like to see ahead. I’d love to hear!