Hem, boys, and cat
Hem, boys, and cats


So, what could be controversial about some multi-toed cats living peacefully in Key West?  Well a lot apparently.  For four years the Hemingway Museum has been in litigation with the town which wanted the cats caged saying they exceeded limits and thus constituted an animal exhibit and needed to be licensed and caged.  Hmm. That seems a stretch. I am happy to report that the Hemingway Museum won the case and an exception/exemption was noted by the Key West City Commission, which voted to exempt the Hemingway cats from federal rules, calling them “animals of historic, social and tourism significance.” They are, said city officials, “an integral part of the history and ambiance of the Hemingway House.” Well, who didn’t know that?  Full article below.

Polydactyl cats have extra toes on one or more paws. They are often called Hemingway cats.

Cat in the Rain
Cats in the Rain
Hem drinks with cat
Hem drinks with cat


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  1. It is nice to know that somewhere out there, there is a person just as obsessed with everything Hemingway as I am. Though my loyalty as a woman often goes more towards Hadley. That does not mean I do not recognize Hemingway for a literary genius that he was.

    Thank you for this wonderful blog.
    Violeta D Chinni
    French Teacher
    Cat Lover

    1. Hello Violeta! And my heart is with Hadley too, truth be told. My next novel is called Hemingway’s Daughter about Ernest and Hadley’s fictional daughter with life seen through her eyes, although she also has a life of her own. I am so glad you found my blog and are also passionate about all things Hemingway including Hadley. Best, Christine

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