So You Think You Know Hemingway? Take My Trivia Test!

 Real aficionados will find this so very easy but casual readers . . .  not so much. Answers  in a few days.  1)        Which Hemingway novel(s) were made into movies (Check all applicable) The Sun Also Rises Old Man and the Sea For Whom the Bell Tolls A Farewell to Arms 2)        Number of wives […]

Casting the Big Novels: Me as Casting Director

Now, who should play the great parts that Hem has provided for us?  My selections in bold: The Sun Also Rises: (1957) Tyrone Power (Jake Gyllenhall) as Jake Barnes Ava Gardner (Blake Lively)  Brett Ashley Mel Ferrer (Matt Damon) as Robert Cohn Errol Flynn (Jude Law) as Mike Campbell A Farewell to Arms: (1932) Helen Hayes (Angelina Jolie) […]

My novel and Hemingway

Tell Me when It Hurts The first draft of anything is shit. Ernest Hemingway   It is not my intent to “plug” my novels on this blog but once in a while it fits so I’ll write a bit about my first novel and Hemingway.  My book is called Tell Me When It Hurts. La […]