As I await anxiously for the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick PBS film, I’ve come across various and random Hemingway nuggets. Just thought I’d share. Here are a few:

  1. Hemingway had a knack for using common sense to observe life and in so doing, saying something that’s simple but applicable to so many other things in life. “Anyone can be a fisherman in May,” said Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea. Were truer words ever written down?
having a meal

May we all enjoy the Hemingway PBS movie. I’m really hoping they show both sides of him not just the bad side.

With Black Dog in Cuba

Best to all,


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  1. Hello Christine
    I am also looking forward to the Hemingway movie on PBS. Ever since you posted this event I have been counting the days. I think I am looking forward mostly to the begining with Hadley in the early days in Paris and of course the rest of his interesting life.
    Thank’s for this post.

    1. Me too, Pamela! For better or worse, Ken Burns and Lynn Novak seem to connect with the material and to be dealing with Hemingway with empathy as well as with a critical eye. And Hadley is my favorite since she loved him before he was a star so i look forward to that part particularly as well! Best to you and wonderful to hear from you! Christine

  2. I wonder if Gardiner mentioned Hemingway’s short story “The Old Man at the Bridge” – based on his reporting during the Spanish Civil War. Great post as always, Christine.

    1. hi Timothy! That would be interesting to know. I may check it out. Even the shortest of short stories of Hemingway have so much in them. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate it. Best to you! Christine

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