I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?    Ernest Hemingway http://8tracks.com/certain_songs/ernest-hemingway-s-ipod The above cite purports to know what should/would be on Hem’s ipod.  Hmm, being a skeptic, I have to ask, “How do they know?”  Still we can speculate. I see Hem listening to Sinatra.  I don’t know […]

All Photos for a change

Below are a few photos that are not published as often as some. Hope you enjoy them. Best, Christine     Enough photos for Today!  C

Answers to Trivia Test

Real aficionados will find this so easy but casual readers . . .  not so much. Answers below! Mary’s book 1)        Which Hemingway novel(s) were made into movies (Check all applicable) The Sun Also Rises   YES Old Man and the Sea  YES For Whom the Bell Tolls  YES A Farewell to Arms   YES 2)        Number […]

So You Think You Know Hemingway? Take My Trivia Test!

 Real aficionados will find this so very easy but casual readers . . .  not so much. Answers  in a few days.  1)        Which Hemingway novel(s) were made into movies (Check all applicable) The Sun Also Rises Old Man and the Sea For Whom the Bell Tolls A Farewell to Arms 2)        Number of wives […]

Hemingway’s Last Home in Ketchum, Idaho

Hemingway owned a house in Ketchum, Idaho at the time of his death.  He killed himself there and he was buried in Ketchum. He lived simply in that home with few adornments. The ownership of the house after his death was gifted by his wife, Mary, to the Nature Conservancy.  It was a modest two […]

Some Hemingway Trivia

Until Hemingway was four, his mother dressed him up like a girl to match his sister who was about year younger than he was. His hair was kept long as well.   He hated the name “Ernest.”   In World War I, he was denied entering the military due to very poor eyesight. He was […]

Valerie Danby-Smith Hemingway: Odd happenings

Hemingway often took younger women under his wing and wanted them around. Sometimes it was intellectually stimulating. Sometimes there was an attraction. Sometimes they amused him. Sometimes he just liked them. He had many women as friends: Marlene Dietrich, Slim Hawkes, Ava Gardner, Lauren Bacall.  He was infatuated with many: Adriana Ivancich is of great […]

The Strange Writing Habits of Writers

November is National Writing Month, so today I muse about how some writers write. Ernest Hemingway’s first rule for writers was to apply the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair. But not all authors are able to survive with such a simple approach.http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2015/nov/14/lederer-good-time-to-reflect-art-of-writing/ Every writer has his/her own comfort place where […]

How well do you know Hemingway?

#Hemingwaytrivia Hemingway and Key West have influenced one another in many surprising ways. See for yourself: Take the How Well Do You Know Hemingway? quiz. So I think I know almost everything about Hemingway. I got 7 of ten correct and I think I know everything. However, I misread one question or I would have had […]