Hemingway Huffington Post Trivia: Part one

Happy New year to all: Below is the Huffington Post’s list of Hemingway Trivia BY TODD VAN LULING. A few were new to me. Best to all for 2018. Love, Christine 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Ernest Hemingway By Todd Van Luling  Below are obscure facts about the novelist’s life, pulled from old interviews […]

An Irish writer follows Hem/Fitzgerald Trail

Ciara O’Callaghan, who is a travel writer for the Irish Times, just wrote an article on trailing F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway and following their European, American, and Caribbean travels. Noting that they were the Jekyll and Hyde equivalent in the literary world with Hemingway being the ultimate man’s man, bullfighter, and womanizer and Fitzgerald being […]

Visit To the Hemingway Collection in Boston Part 1

  I was in Boston for a few days and took the opportunity to visit the Hemingway collection at the JFK Library and Museum. It’s about 20 minutes depending on traffic from downtown in a cab but shuttle buses travel out there more inexpensively as well. It is right on the water and very modern […]

More about Hemingway’s Letters

For readers of Ernest Hemingway, it can be tempting to mix the iconic writer’s fictional characters with the public persona of the writer himself. He never kept a journal and apparently integrated many of his personal experiences into his art. More of Hemingway’s letters are being published and they are so revealing and fun. For […]

Play in LA about Hem and Scott: UPDATE RE CAST!

If you are in the Toluca Lake area, this looks good, fun, thought provoking! There is a new cast member playing F. Scott Fitzgerald: now played by Kevin Blake.  Please go to see it if you can!  I have heard good things. Love, Christine   Scott and Hem is a brilliant play about two brilliant literary […]

More Hemingway and Fitzgerald

In the world of renowned and important authors, it can be argued that no writer has ever given us as many interesting real life tales and correspondence than the “Papa” of 20th century fiction: Ernest Hemingway They were the top dogs, supporters and admirers of the other. A few anecdotes of their relationship. note however […]


Just when you think everything that can possibly be written about Hemingway or his life or his writing has been done, another level of knowledge is uncovered.   The third volume of Hemingway’s letters, which covers the period 1926 to 1929, has been published. Those were truly wonderful years. He wrote The Sun Also Rises […]