Restoring the Finca Vigia outside Havana : Work to Begin

#HemingwayFincavigia #Hemingwaycuba Havana, Cuba (CNN)Ernest Hemingway’s home near Havana is expected to soon receive an infusion of badly needed building supplies from the United States.   Before it is too late, actual collaboration between the U.S. and Cuba is happening regarding the restoration of Hemingway’s beloved Cuban home. He lived there for about twenty years. As mentioned […]

What’s Percolating in the Hemingway World?

I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds and google alerts that keep me posted on all things Hemingway. So here are a few random developments. 1) Mariel Hemingway is producing a movie of Hemingway’s last book, A Moveable Feast, finished after his death and published initially in 1964. (Hemingway died in 1961). 2) Andy Garcia […]

Possible New Filming Location in Cuba

One Stateside filmmaker who recently took advantage of Cuba’s retro look is Bob Yari, who spent a month shooting his Ernest Hemingway biopic “Papa” entirely on location in and near Havana in March and April of 2014. Now that Cuba has opened a bit, more opportunities for on location filming is possible. The new biopic […]

Was Hemingway Bi-polar?

FROM THE moment Ernest Hemingway saw Finca Vigia ( Lookout Farm) outside Havana in 1939, it became his home in the deepest sense. The above article discusses Hemingway’s time in Cuba, self-medication perhaps with alcohol, and his love for his Cuban home. Very interesting. Best, Christine  

More and More on Cuba

The Cuban government took over Hemingway’s estate just outside Havana when the American author died in 1961. Now that Cuba is becoming more accessible, so is Hemingway’s beloved home outside Havana, Finca Vigia. Please take a look at other options.

Cuba Opens

As noted in yesterday’s post, more Americans will see Hemingway’s home and environs. As the U.S. and Cuba begin to normalize relations for the first time in half a century, some Americans are already roaming the streets of Old Havana

Hemingway and Cuba Opens Up

It appears that for the first time in decades, Cuba will be open to Americans and others around the world.  In reviewing some of the recommended sights to see in Cuba for those eager to take a look, the Finca Vigia is always prominently listed.  For those who followed earlier posts, you may recall that […]