Tell Me When it Hurts

Archer Loh, ivy league grad and Olympic-level rider, has been groomed as a government assassin. First in her class, she’s a prime asset to her agency. However, she rejects the opportunity to kill for “the good guys” and instead embraces the quiet life of suburban lawyer, wife, and mother. Her violent apprenticeship remains her secret.

Everything changes when her only child is murdered and the killer goes free, on a technicality. Archer ditches family, career, friends, and horses, to define her own agenda and brush up on her rusty lethal skills. Aided by a shadowy, vigilante group, Archer implements private justice, only slightly aware that the bonds that once gave her mooring have fallen away. At her darkest ebb, Connor McCall, Harvard-educated financial baron turned Wyoming sheep rancher, stumbles into Archer’s life and everything changes again.

La Femme Nikita meets The Horse Whisperer in this superb thriller/romance.”
—Patti Ann Bengen, author of The Devil’s Dance

Tell Me When It Hurts weaves together the lives of two damaged achievers–Archer who has lost her daughter through a violent assault and Connor who has lost his daughter through passive neglect–with each working through loss, despair, and, ultimately, redemption. A terrific story.”
— Tom DeMola, author of Exit 55

“Equal parts Daniel Silva and Danielle Steel. Clever, well-plotted, with unforgettable characters, this thriller is a cinematic masterpiece.”
— Stephen F. Medici, author of Adverse Selection

Kirkus Reviews

“Whitehead’s passion for moment-to-moment storytelling heightens the book’s suspense and romantic intrigue. Whitehead savors the sweetness of fiction like a fine wine.”

★★★★★ “Good character development”

By Liz Weber on April 9, 2017

“This isn’t the typical lady assassin story…thankfully. This is a story about finding hope and love for two damaged, smart, funny people.”

★★★★★ “Must read!!!”

By Lynda on September 17, 2012

“I will definitely be reading this book many times. Over all fell in love with the main characters. I laughed and cried and felt inspired throughout this book. Must read there is no doubt about it. I feel as if I’m looking at life in a whole new light. I haven’t read a book that touched me so deeply in a long time.”

★★★★★ “Tell Me When It Hurts was better than fantastic”

By Patricia Collins on November 25, 2016

“What a wonderful sad, heartbreaking book, I couldn’t stop reading your story. Wow, it was powerful but romantic all at the same time. I can’t wait to read more of your books.”

★★★★★ “great read”

By Hazy on June 16, 2012

“I got this book mostly because it was free. Turned out to be one of the best books I have read in a while. The characters both had strong personalities and the author really brought you into the story. Definitely one of the best books I have read in quite some time. Highly recommend this book!”

★★★★★ “Unbelievably good”

By Miranda731 on June 9, 2012

“With the subject matter, the sadness of much of the plot, and the “occupation” of the heroine — I didn’t expect to like this book. But surely, the characters captured me as they are explained, grow, and the main love story unfolds. There are happy moments, teary scenes, and all in all a great read.”

★★★★★ “Great story.”

By vicky reynolds

“Second time reading this book. Loved the characters and the story line. Even better second time, I couldn’t put it down.”