As noted, Kindle sales have been good and have generated more reviews on Amazon. Please check it out if you have time.

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  1. Christine,

    I got your book with your free promotion…I totally lucked out because: what a phenomenal read! I cried during some of the scenes, and ached for Archer and Connor. It was well-crafted and a truly wonderful story that really pulled me in. I cared for the characters and wanted happiness for them! Thank you for this wonderful book. I eagerly await your next one.

    1. Victoria: You have no idea what your feedback means. I’m honored and so happy that you enjoyed the book. The next one is due out soon. My heroine, Quinn, is Archer’s college roomate but a different type. Archer has a cameo. THANK YOU SO MUCH for commenting. It means the world to me. Very best! Christine

  2. I must say for a 1st time author, your book was more than entertaining. No typo’s,which was a pleasure. I found the book to be so engrossing I took my kindle with me EVERYWHERE!
    I look forward to your next one with anticipation. Congratulations, well done.

    1. Thanks, Pat! Next one is in the works but thank you SO MUCH for telling me you enjoyed the book. It truly keeps me writing! I’m serious. May many thanks. Best wishes always, Christine

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