Author Christine M. Whitehead

Obsession bordering on madness for all things Hemingway and related (and what isn’t)

Author Christine Whitehead

I get my best ideas in the barn as I groom my horse, Nifty. The dogs keep a careful distance as I lift a hoof, scrape it out, then move on to the next one. The repetition soothes me. I begin to dream about women like me, women on the edge, restless women who still want to trust that there is love out there, and that being sentimental is not always contemptible, and that good men are not so hard to find if you keep slogging along, seeking a melody to fit your words. So that’s who and what I write about: restless women searching.

“If Hemingway had a daughter that would have been Finley “Finn” Hemingway, (or Flea as she was called by Hemingway in the book), the beloved fictional character created by Christine Whitehead.
Hemingway always wanted a daughter but had only sons, this is her story, and what a story it is. I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it in two days, I needed to how the story was going to end.
Finn, and her life, is as complicated as her father and his life and there is an unbreakable connection among this two individuals to the point that she is the one that grounds and centers him.
Beautifully written, this book will make you want to read Hemingways’ books, if you haven’t already, or reread it over again. Don’t look for “A Single Drop of Red Wine”, that one should be Mrs. Whitehead new novel.”
If Hemingway had a daughter she would have been Finn!